Postural Restoration Hillsboro, TX

Postural Restoration

Do you find that your muscles get sore as the day goes on? Neck aches, back aches, and headaches? Often times these debilitating conditions derive from one simple mistake: poor posture. Those of us who spend a lot of our day at a desk, on the computer, or working at a table with others may find that we are more susceptible to these aches and pains. That is because, over time, our posture will begin to slip as the day goes on. Fast forward days, weeks, even months and years, our posture can become so irregular that we are experiencing pain all of the time without even realizing what happened. A licensed physical or occupational therapist has the education and ability to help you correct and ease your pain to get back to doing what you want with your life without stopping because of aching muscles or a pounding head.

What is postural education?

Postural education entails you learning from your therapist all the correct ways to  hold your body to prevent and relieve pain. This can, and more than likely will, include ergonomics training and different stretches and exercises for you to complete on your own as you recover from whatever condition poor posture has caused in your life. You will also meet with you physical or occupational therapist on an (at least) weekly basis to complete therapeutic exercises and different therapies to help speed up the recovery process and adjust your home exercise program as needed. Some of these therapies may include the different types of traction, manual therapy, taping, and other methods that are described in more detail under our “How We Treat” tab.

The mission behind postural education:

Postural education is important because it gives YOU the power to prevent pain in your life. Many times, we are unable to avoid injuries that we face. Wtih postural education, your physical or occupational therapist gives you the key stretches, exercises, and knowledge to prevent some injuries before they can even happen. You will learn your own body and the ways you may specifically compensate for comfort, but to the detriment of your own posture. In short, the mission behind postural education is to provide you with just some of the knowledge that a licensed physical or occupational therapist has regarding posture so that you can prevent pain or injury to your own body.

Postural education at LP Physical Therapy:

At our Hillsboro, TX physical therapy practice, you know you’ll be treated by some of the most experienced physical therapists in the area. We have trained professionals in the field of postural education who would be happy to help you relieve your pain and regain your optimum function once again.

At your initial appointment, you will undergo a thorough evaluation with one of our highly-trained physical or occupational therapists. Your evaluation will assess your postural dysfunctions, postural compensations, and accompanying symptoms. After your evaluation, your therapist will create an individualized treatment plan based on your specific needs, in order to help you achieve postural restoration. To get started on your path towards improved posture, contact LP Physical Therapy today.